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Dahle Shredders

Shhhhh… we don’t like to shout about it... but our shredders are the quietest available. We make shredders to ensure complete security and peace of mind and have a range of over 70 so there is a shredder for every need and budget. What makes our shredders special? Our P-7 level machines turn an A4 sheet into 13,270 particles. I know what you’re thinking… this might get a bit dusty, but we have a solution for that too. We make shredders with an air filter to prevent 92% of the fine dust getting into the air. Now that’s a breath of fresh air and really secure, and with German engineering - our shredders are made to last... (and don’t forget they’re very quiet). Dahle Shredders. Powerful performance and peace (of mind).

Dahle Shredders by Category

Dahle has been making shredders for over 35 years. Built to ensure complete security and peace of mind - with a range of over 70 shredders there is a shredder for every need and budget.

Home Shredders

Reliable, simple-to-use models for single users, Dahle has a variety of models offering compact and consistent shredding for domestic use with oil and maintenance-free options.

Small Office

Our document shredders are optimised for office use, they offer the best compromise between data security and high performance. Our PaperSAFE models have a contemporary design and come in a range of sizes from 9 to 32 litre waste capacity.

Deskside Shredders

Convenient, efficient and secure from the comfort of your chair. Encouraging you to shred as you go, Dahle has deskside models quietly shredding up to P-6 security level. What could be easier?

Medium Office Shredders

Offering up to 100 litre waste bins, Dahle has the right solution for small to medium teams needing high-quality machines for securely shredding confidential data. Many models in this range have MHP technology setting new standards in performance and convenience without the need for oil.

Departmental Shredders

User-friendly yet high capacity, our VolumePRo document shredders give maximum performance with up to 160 litre waste containers. Our powerful but quiet motors are capable of withstanding heavy use for the whole department whilst offering complete security.

Top Secret/CPNI Shredders

Dahle’s security level P-6 and P-7 models are approved by CPNI in the UK and the NSA in the United States, offering total security to DIN 66399. For maximum precision and jam-free reliability we are the leading specialist in the destruction of top secret data.

Fine Dust Filter Shredders

Dahle CleanTEC document shredders are equipped with an innovative fine dust filtration system preventing 98% of the dust particles produced by document shredding from getting into the air.

Shredder Sacks/Oil/Filters

Developed to enable you to easily maintain your shredder, we have a range of products to ensure it performs at its best and gives you many years of trouble-free service.

Sacks    Oil    Filters

Videos - See some of the Dahle Shredders in Action

We have a huge catalogue of Dahle Shredders videos that can be found on the relevant product detail pages just below the product image.