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Shredder Terminology

Cross / Confetti / Particle Cut - Cross Cut is when paper is shredded into small pieces.
Crypto Cut - The highest security Cross Cut shredders are called "Crypto Cut" and the paper is shredded into tiny particles.
Straight / Strip / Ribbon Cut - Straight Cut is when paper is cut into long strips.
DIN Standard - The DIN Standard is a classification of security levels stating the maximum allowable size of shreds to suit each security level. Manufacturers use this to define the security of their shredders. .
What is S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5 - S6? - These are different security levels a shredder can have, S1 to S6. The higher the number the more secure the shredder. .
Duty Cycle - The Duty Cycle of a machine is the amount of time the machine will shred before the motor cuts out. If this happens leave the machine to cool down and it will automatically reset itself. The cheaper the machine the quicker it will cut out.
Throat Width - The throat width is the size of the opening into which the paper is fed. This determines the size of the paper that can be used without folding it.
Continuous Sensing - When additional paper is fed into the machine during shredding the mechanism will continue to operate and prevent the shredder from jamming.
Ultra Quiet - Shredders are designed to feature ultra quiet operation, perfect for shared environments and busy offices where employees are on the phone.
Max Sheet Capacity - The number of sheets (normally 70 gram A4) that a shredder will accept per pass (in one go).
Recycling Bags - Recyclable paper bags are used instead of plastic ones for the easiest way to empty and recycle your shredded paper.
Auto Shut-Off - The shredder will automatically switch itself off after a short time to conserve power to stop children or pets getting anything caught in the shredder.
Self Cleaning - Cutters are self cleaning to remove lose pieces of paper to prevent paper jams.
Continuous Operation - Shredders can be used continuously with no cool down period when the motor heats up (as with low cost models) which means no wasted time waiting for your machine to cool down.
Jam Boost - Incorporates a button that when pressed maximises power to clear a jam.
Compaction Technology - Shredded paper is compacted in the waste bin to allow more shredding and less emptying.
Auto-Feed Technology - The shredder will automatically shred a stack of paper with no user intervention by automatically feeding one sheet at a time.
Large Bin Capacity - Extra large bin for less emptying.
Auto Reverse - Returns paper that is too thick or too many sheets for the shredder to accept.
Easy Empty Bin - Pull out bin makes emptying fast and simple without having to remove the shredder head.
Easy Paper Feed - The shredder head is angled meaning that is positioned for easy and instant shredding.
Mercury Jam Free - The shredder mouth illuminates to warn when there is too much paper inserted. If too much is inserted, the shredder will not start, therefore preventing paper jams.
Auto-Oiling - Oils the cutting head automatically when required to provide better shred performance and a longer shredder life.