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Shredder Wizard
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Customers tend to underestimate their long-term requirements. When you are used to shredding, you will want to shred everything paper based.

What Should You Shred?

For Personal/Home Use

There are many documents which individuals deal with on a regular basis like Bank Statements, Utility Bills, Junk Mail, Pre-Approved Application, Mortgage Details, Personal Letters etc. which should either be kept in a secure place, or if not required anymore disposed of correctly.
Ask yourself this simple question:
"Would you like your next door neighbour or any complete stranger to read this information?"

If the answer is NO then order online or call us on 01293 775248 NOW!

Always Shred:
  • When you are sent unwanted information containing your name and address and other personal details
  • Always shred credit card slips, bills, receipts etc. when no longer needed
  • When you're finished with statements or expenditure breakdowns
  • When clearing out files, cupboards etc.
  • Before moving house
  • After a bereavement
Always Remember:
  • Under the self assessment tax system, all taxpayers are required to keep records of their income and capital gains for at least 22 months and may need to trace records for up to 6 years
  • Bank statements, household bills, etc should be kept for at least a year - if you want to compare expenditure over a period
  • Check with your tax advisor regarding other documentation

For Business Use

Just imagine if any of the following were to land on your biggest competitor's desk:
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Business Plans
  • Research and Development information
  • Customer Lists
  • Cost prices
  • Profit Margins
  • Order fulfilments rates
  • Staff Salaries
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Bank Statements
  • Launch plans
  • Draft Tender Information
  • Store openings and Security Guard patrol times
Could your Business be affected adversely if any of the above were to become public knowledge?

If the answer is YES then order online or call us on 01293 775248 NOW!

Always Shred:
  • Everyday to get rid of excess paper and unwanted mail
  • When clearing out files, cupboards etc.
  • At the end of the financial year
  • When you have photocopied too many documents
  • Once stored records have exceeded the date they need to be kept till
  • When moving offices
  • When clearing a desk after a member of staff has left
Always Remember:
  • By law Businesses are required to retain certain documents for a period of time - please refer to your Company accountants for more details