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If you intend to shred CDs and Plastic Cards you may wish to consider a machine with dual waste compartments to keep the waste separate.

Shredder Waste Sacks & Bags

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Here you will find one of the largest collections of Shredder Waste Sacks currently available in the UK. If you are unsure which waste sack you require then please click the image for details of which models the sack is suitable for. This list is constantly updated and includes many models that we no longer sell. If you cannot find your model on the list then please give us a call on 0845 5555 007 and we will be able to find a bag that will fit your machine....

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DAHLE Waste Sacks for 4x1xx and 4x2xx
£5.95 (1 pk)
£11.54 (2 pks)
£28.25 (5 pks)
(All + vat)
DAHLE Waste Sacks for 4x3xx and 4x4xx
£7.95 (1 pk)
£15.42 (2 pks)
£37.75 (5 pks)
(All + vat)
DAHLE Waste Sacks for 2039x and 2045x
£10.95 (1 pk)
£21.24 (2 pks)
£52.00 (5 pks)
(All + vat)
DAHLE Waste Sacks for 4x5xx and 4x6xx
£12.95 (1 pk)
£25.12 (2 pks)
£61.50 (5 pks)
(All + vat)