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Security level 4, 5 and 6 machines are usually only used by Companies or Government Departments with specific security requirements.

Shredding Systems

Shredding Machines have become a necessity in today's World both in Business life and at Home. As the level of sophistication of criminals increases, the purchase of the correct machine is even more essential. When choosing do not try to calculate what your workload is currently, but try to imagine what it will be, say in 5 years time. It is a false economy to purchase the cheapest machine as the most expensive part of any shredder is the person doing the shredding.
Your Shredder purchase in today's World is as essential as locks on your doors and windows and your burglar alarm. Identity Theft is like a virus - a faceless crime, unlike a robbery where you realise you have been violated immediately, it can take months before you realise someone has stolen your identity.
Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on CCTV, the most sophisticated Electronic Surveillance, Security Guards, Entry Monitor Systems etc. trying to stop criminals entering their premises and then throw out the back door, the 'life blood' of their Company in a bag marked 'Confidential'
Remember F U D:
Installing a Shredding System is the insurance policy for your Confidential Information
If I were a criminal or competitor wanting to gain an advantage, I would employ cleaning staff to bring me the contents of the bag marked ' Confidential ' or an operative at the local external Shredding Service, where all of the secrets are to hand immediately.
Company X - a large Aeronautic Company based in Avon believed that they had the perfect, infallible system to destroy their Corporate Secrets and future Research & Development plans. Unlike most Businesses who are willing to 'trust' an external Company to pick up and destroy their waste, they were much more diligent. They even had their own employee take their waste to the external Shredding Service and witness the destruction.
50 Bags Collected - 50 Bags Destroyed - Certificate of Destruction Received
What they were unaware of is that the employee, when he left the premises, was taking a small detour and dropping off 50 bags of their most sensitive information to a competitor. He then loaded up 50 bags of unrelated waste, and made his way 5 minutes later to collect his certificate!!!! - it was estimated that this had the potential to cost Company X over 50,000,000.00 (50 million)
Company Y - one of the largest and well known Insurance Companies in the UK had a phone call one day from the local Police in Brighton to say that bags of their waste paper were blocking the High Street having fallen off the back of the so called ' locked ' lorry. This waste was in fact highly Confidential Information being taken away for destruction by a Security Shredding Service and contained their clients' Personal & Private Details, Medical Histories, Home Contents values, Bank Account Information etc.
Most companies will only look at their shredding system after they have fallen victim to the sorts of crimes highlighted above. It would be a much better idea to write down your shred system and meet up every quarter to discuss any potential problems that could arise and fix them, before someone else realises what these problems are.