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NEVER allow old Confidential Information to leave your premises un-shredded.

Common Questions

1. My machine will not start, what can I do?

i) If you have recently purchased the machine make sure you have read instruction manual.
ii) Ensure that the machine is plugged into the mains and that the lead is plugged into the back of the machine.
iii) Ensure that the waste container is engaged properly.
iv) Check that the machine door is not open.
v) Check to see if the waste container is full. If it is then empty it and try again.
vi) Check that the power fuse in plug has not blown.
vii) If the machine runs for a long time then the motor may over-heat and cut out. Allow the machine to cool down and it will work fine again.
viii) If you are still having problems then please call us on 01293 775248 for advice.

2. My machine will not stop, what can I do?

Paper may be jammed and covering the electronic sensor. To fix this, switch the machine off at the mains and remove and clean the sensor located in the entry throat.

3. My machine is jammed with paper, what can I do?

i) If paper is jammed in the entry throat then switch the machine into reverse mode. It may be necessary to use the forward and reverse buttons several times until the paper is released.
ii) Paper may be jammed in the entry throat because the machine has been running for a long time and the motor may have over-heated and cut out. Allow the machine to cool down and it will work fine again.
iii) Paper may be jammed in entry throat because the waste container is full. Empty the waste container and try again.

4. My waste container is full, how do I empty it?

Depending on the model lift off the shredder head, remove the container or open the door. Shake the waste bin slightly to level off the waste shreds (to reduce spillage). Then remove the waste sack and through away. Now all you have to do is replace the waste container and a new sack to their original positions. If you still require help then look at the instruction manual that came with the machine.

5. How often should I oil cutting head and how do I do it?

It is recommended that you oil the cutters more regularly for Cross-Cut Machines than for Strip Cut. We suggest oiling the cutters once a day before the machine is first used. This can easily be done by taking a sheet of paper and covering it with oil. Then simply shred the paper as you normally would. Alternatively you can spray the oil into the entry throat as directed on the can. It is important to use a non-flammable oil.

6. My machine will not cut the correct number of sheets of paper

i) Remember that all of the specifications provided by the manufacturers assume that you are using 70 gram paper whereas most copier paper will be heavier duty.
ii) New machines will shred more than older ones.
iii) Machines will shred more if the cutters are oiled regularly

7. What are the advantages of Cross / Confetti / Particle Cut?

Cross Cut shredding is much more secure than Strip Cut and the waste compacts under its own weight meaning that the bin has to be emptied less often.

8. What are the advantages of Straight / Strip / Ribbon Cut?

Strip Cut can shred more than their Cross Cut equivalents and tend to be cheaper.

9. How do I maintain a shredder?

Shredders are easy to maintain and will provide years of good service if you follow the manufacturers instructions. Regular oiling of the cutting cylinders will prolong the life of all shredders.

10. How do I choose a shredder?

There are lots of factors to consider when deciding which shredder to choose.
For more information visit the Buyers Guide.

11. Can I shred staples?

Most shredders do accept small clips and staples although if you are unsure this is one of the items listed in the specifications for each machine. Depending on the size of your machine the shredding of large staples and clips may damage the cutting cylinders and may negate your warranty.

12. Can I shred Credit Cards and CD's?

Only certain machines are suitable to shred CD's and Credit Cards - please refer to the specifications provided with each product on our web site.

13. How do I know when the bin is full?

Larger shredders have a bin full indicator or will automatically stop when the bin is full. With smaller shredders it is worth opening the shredder occasionally to check to see if the bin is full or not.

14. I have emptied my shredder and it will not switch on - why?

Some shredders have built in safety features so that the machine can only operate when the shredder head is in the correct position or when the door is closed. If you have a bin top shredder check that the head is on the correct way round and that it is placed on the bin. If you have a larger shredder check that the door is fully closed.

15. Are shredders safe to use?

All shredders on our site are from established suppliers and are manufactured to very high safety standards with a wide variety of safety features to allow you peace of mind. The entry slot where the paper enters the machine is narrow and the cutting heads are enclosed in the machine head to prevent them being touched. Cross cut models have an automatic cut out when the head is removed from the bin or the door is open. If your shredder head or entry throat is damaged in any way it is recommended that you cease using the shredder and report the fault immediately.

16. Do shredders have guarantees?

All new shredders are guaranteed subject to the correct operation of the machine as stated within the manufacturers' instructions. Machines are normally guaranteed for all parts for a period of time with an additional parts only warrantee (labour is not included) on the cutting cylinders. For further details see the specifications for each machine on our site.

17. Why do I need a waste sack?

In many cases it is not absolutely necessary to use a waste sack, however it will make it much easier to empty the waste shreds and definitely reduce the amount of mess caused when emptying the shredder. Waste sacks are designed to let air out to maximise the capacity of the bag but to keep the dust in. There are different sized bags for different sized shredders - these are listed under the specifications for each machine on the site.

18. Can I shred small pieces of paper?

A4 and A3 shredders can also shred smaller sheets of paper. In order to activate the automatic start sensor the paper should be placed in the centre of the entry throat. The paper will then be shredded in the normal fashion.

19. How are shredders powered?

Most shredders are electric and powered by plugging into a normal 3 pin domestic socket. Some Specialist shredders may require a special 3-phase power supply. If this is necessary it is stated in the product description for the machine.

20. Can I have my shredder serviced?

All machines can be serviced either during or after the warrantee. Please make sure that you have proof of purchase when reporting a claim. Machines can also be placed under a Service/Maintenance Contract to prolong the life. Please call us on 01293 775248 for further information.

21. How much should I expect to pay for a shredder?

Machines purchased from www.shreddingmachines.co.uk are among the most cost effective available and include full manufacturer warranties. If you wish to order in bulk then please call us on 01293 775248 for Special Pricing.

22. Who do I contact if my shredder goes wrong?

If you visit your order history by clicking here then you can report a faulty machine to us.