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Corporate Fraud

The words INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE, or CORPORATE FRAUD seem like a scene from a James Bond movie - NOT SO!!
Each of these is happening in Businesses across the UK at this time in many different facets at this very moment.
Could it happening to your business now???
"Having spent time dealing with a high number of the most secure installations throughout the UK and in the company of extremely Senior Government/Military personnel the level of sophistication is mind blowing. As technology improves, ways of obtaining the most sensitive information is becoming extremely easy."
Michael Knight 2024
Most of the following will not mean too much to regular people, but as business develops and becomes much more competitive it is not surprising that individuals sometimes resort to the most devious means to gain the edge:
  • GSM Monitoring
  • Email / Internet Monitoring
  • Radio Monitoring
  • Voice Bugging
  • Video Surveillance
  • Fax Duplication
  • Data encryption
 .... the list goes on and on
Crimes are committed daily in most organisations, by the most advanced means using something like an audible bugging device that can pinpoint a single conference room to monitor your research and development plans to the very unsophisticated stealing of paperwork off desks by cleaning staff throughout the night.
There are many reported incidents of paper theft - a copy of a draft tender response can be very useful to your competitor or simply very embarrassing if medical histories of your staff were to leak if a bag marked "CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION" was to be taken from the open back of a so called Security Data Destruction Vehicle.

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