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It is recommended that the Cutters on most Cross-Cut Shredders are oiled daily to maintain their effectiveness.

Types of Media to Destroy

Generally all shredders will accept normal paper documents unless specified as Specialist Machines. Choose your most suitable shredder by the size of waste you are most likely to need to shred per day.
Size of Paper required to be destroyed:
The entry throat of each machine will be a certain width so certain paper sizes can be presented without folding. Some machines have "angled throats" so small quantities of wider paper can easily be shredded, but this will reduce how many sheets the you can shred in one pass.
What size is the majority of you waste likely to be?
A4 - A4 and A3 - Up to and including full Width Computer Print Out.
Other media required:
Many of the shredders that we sell will shred other types of media such as CDs, Credit Cards and Floppy Disks. Click the links below to see which models will shred these different types of media.