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Hard Drive Destruction Service - How do you destroy your Electronic Media?

If you use a Paper or Media Shredder you will know how important it is to destroy Confidential Information but how do you destroy the same information that is stored Electronically on your old PC's or Laptops?
The UK Government advise 2 ways of Destroying the Magnetic Media held on the Platters that store sensitive information within a Hard Drive: DEGAUSSING which passes a very strong magnetic field across the Platter of the Hard Drive, wiping all of the information and rendering the Hard Drive information irretrievable, and SHREDDING which physically cuts the Hard Drive and the internal Platter into small pieces which cannot be used again. For the Highest Security Requirements it may be necessary to DEGAUSS & SHRED

How our 3 step process works:

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Pack &
Arrange Recorded Delivery to our Head Office
We process
drives and supply a Certificate of Destruction
For a quotation for larger quantities than are listed below or onsite Degaussing/Shredding please contact 0845 5555 007 or use the live chat feature (at the top of the page) for further details

Standard Level Degauss

For Personal, Business, and lower level Government requirements, where the platter is completely wiped with a suitable Degausser. Recommended for Central Government Business Impact Level 3 (BIL3) up to RESTRICTED assets.

Price List

1-10 Drives: £15.00 + vat each
11-49 Drives: £12.00 + vat each
50+ Drives: £10.00 + vat each
(Number of Hard Drives)

Higher Level Degauss

For Higher Level Commercial and Government requirements, product processed with an NSA/CESG approved Degausser. Data will be irretrievable and the Hard Drive unusable.

Price List

1-10 Drives: £25.00 + vat each
11-49 Drives: £20.00 + vat each
50+ Drives: £15.00 + vat each
(Number of Hard Drives)