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Engineers Onsite Preventative Maintenance Visits

** NB. Maintenance visits outside of England (mainland) may be subject to additional charges subject to location and type of equipment **
To facilitate the longevity of all Shredding Machines it is important that they are properly maintained. We always recommend shredders are placed under a suitable maintenance agreement which ongoing saves time, money and downtime on unnecessary machine breakdowns and covers health & safety recommendations.
There are a number of significant advantages in having machines visited and serviced regularly by fully trained engineers on-site which include:
  1. The machine will last much longer and won't need replacing with a new model as often, which can be very expensive.
  2. Pay less for any additional breakdowns or service callouts as engineer's adjust belts, grease gears, lubricate parts, check sensors - anything that may require attention.
  3. Importantly, if still within the manufacturers warranty period you will not negate your warranty excluding operator misuse or general wear and tear.
  4. We pre-empt any expensive working parts requiring replacement by taking suitable preventative action and adivsing operators* where necessary (*oil cutters more regularly).
  5. The machine and surrounding area will be fully cleaned and vacuumed fully.
  6. ...also and very importantly with a potentially dangerous shredder with moving cutting cylinders - the engineers will check to make sure all of the safety guards, trip switches and safety sensors are working properly so you do not contravene your health & safety obligations. (We really do not want anyone shredding any fingers!!)
Maintenance: We will provide on-site preventative maintenance services to include a pre-arranged number of engineer visits that include inspecting and maintaining your shredders to ensure they are operating at an optimum level. The minimum level of preventative maintenance shall be accomplished in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. Fully trained and highly experienced shredder engineers will provide all supervision, tools, materials, labour, facilities, equipment, incidentals and transportation, to perform the required maintenance. **Please note that parts and incidentals will be chargeable* as extras and if faults are found a return visit may be necessary.
Maintenance tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • Cleaning the cutter chambers and removing all compacted shredded material.
  • Clean the motor and electrical system to eliminate the possibility of dust contaminating the electrical relays, circuit boards, or switches.
  • All gears and chains are cleaned and re-greased to eliminate binding, rust, or dragging on the drive system.
  • Cabinet doors are inspected, hinges repaired, adjusted when required so they open and close without wear, and switches contact correctly.
  • Checking of all safety interlocks, trip switches and sensors.
  • Thorough testing, cleaning of machine and vacuuming of surrounding area.
  • Advice as to the general condition of the machine, and the long term wear and condition of the shredder's cutters.
** Please note that the prices quoted do not include any spare parts, additional congestion and parking charges incurred during the visit which will be invoiced separately. Prices quoted and charged for, orders received by Don Ruffles Limited directly from the website are 'base' prices for machines situated UK Mainland only and outlying areas will incur additional charges which will be quoted and agreed prior to acceptance. You will be contacted prior to the engineers visit to organise an appropriate time and date so it is the responsibility of the user to report any changes of machine locations, and machines moved to a different address will incur additional charges or not be visited and no refunds will be available. If machines have been moved from the original location, or are not available, and subsequent visits will be chargeable. *Whilst the engineer's will endeavour to repair any faults found, if additional parts are required and/or a return visit is required, this will be chargeable extra. On the annual renewal date of your initial purchase you will be re-invoiced for the following year at the appropriate rate. If you wish to cancel the following year's visits please notify us within 2 weeks of receipt of the renewal notice/invoice. Please note that the prices quoted for are discounted to allow for several planned local visits at the same time so as to reduce costs, and therefore are not available for one off service call outs. Special prices and quantity discounts are available for more than 1 machine situated in the same location.
Prices quoted are for England on and extra charges will apply for machines located in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and all International location.

Preventative Maintenance for Existing & Additional Machines

If you have existing machines which you would like to place under a maintenance contract then please contact us for a quotation.