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HSM SECURIO P44i P-7 1x5mm Crypto Cut Shredder (1874121)

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Protect your machine which will be replaced or repaired by increasing the standard manufacturer's warranty period if a fault develops within the first 4 year period - Terms Apply. £733.00
Always use a good quality waste sack to collect your shredded paper as they will not split, break or tear leaving mess and dust on your floor when emptying £62.92

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Cardboard Waste Box A cardboard waste box for the HSM SECURIO P44 Series of shredders to use instead of the wire frame. £14.95

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Shredder Oil & Waste Sacks for the HSM SECURIO P44i P-7

Universal 225 Litre X-Large Shredder Sacks (S4)

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HSM Shredder Oil

HSM Shredder Oil
250ml Bottle
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HSM Shredder Oil

HSM Shredder Oil
5 Litre Canister
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Product Warranties

Product Warranties

HSM SECURIO machines are covered by a class-leading on-site 3-Year machine warranty. HSM shredders are supported in the UK by HSM's own team of Service engineers, with service work control handled out of the HSM Office in Burntwood, Staffordshire.

The cutting rollers on HSM SECURIO B & P-Series shredders are machined in HSM's CNC Machining Hall from solid rods of steel which are maintained at a constant temperature to maintain cutting tolerances. Cutters undergo a 10-stage manufacturing process including machining, induction hardening at over 800°C, and precision grinding with exhaustive quality checks at every stage. The resulting cutting rollers are extremely robust and very sharp with a lifetime breakage guarantee on P2-P5 security levels.

Made in Germany - Outstanding Quality

Made in Germany - Outstanding Quality

HSM SECURIO B & P-Series shredders are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany for outstanding quality and durability. HSM manufactures 93% of shredder components from raw materials (steel & plastic) in their own engineering plant in South West Germany. Shredders are built in the nearby assembly plant.

Special Features

Special Features

Touch screen operation panel – The P-Series machines are controlled by a touch LCD control panel. Features controlled include 3 operating modes (Performance – Standard – Silent Modes), language selection, oiler level selection, HSM Service contact information. The display panel also displays clear pictorial warning and advisory information.

Safety Element around the paper feed slot – If pressure is applied to the Safety Element the shredder immediately switches off.

Quiet operation – HSM shredders are designed to be quiet (both for low dB level as well as pitch), avoiding any harsh tones.

Energy Saving Electronics – 0.1 Watt standby consumption with Blue Angel Accreditation.

Continuous Use & Anti-Jam Technology

Continuous Use & Anti-Jam Technology

Powerful continuous-use brushless DC induction motors. HSM use high-quality digital motors in the SECURIO P-Series machines. Not only can machines shred continuously at full capacity with no overheating, these "iDrive" motors can run in one of 3 modes - Standard, Silent, and Performance. Performance mode will give 20-30 minutes of shredding at up to 40% more throughput capacity than Standard mode. At P-4 cut size all the P-Series are capable of shredding around 100,000 or more A4 pages a day in real-world conditions when required.

Intelligent Anti-Jam Technology. If a P-series machine is fed too many sheets, it will first stop and calculate whether it can, with a short term power boost shred through the stack. If it is capable of doing this it will show a warning on its screen and shred the stack using increased motor power. If the stack is too thick for this, the machine will auto reverse to clear the slot.

Auto Oiler, Media Cutters & Metal Detection

Auto Oiler, Media Cutters & Metal Detection

Integrated Auto Oiler. All P-Series machines from P-4 to P-7 security level have an integrated auto oiler with 3 user selectable oiling levels to ensure optimum cutting efficiency. Reservoir filling cap located under the input safety element. Reservoir capacity 250ml.

The P-Series shredders are also available with optional Optical Media cutters and Metal Detection to prevent metal objects passing through the fine tooth cutters of P-6 & P-7 machines.  Options of:

  • CD Cutter (4x7mm) on P-4 & P-5
  • OMDD (2x2mm) on P-6 & P-7
  • OMDD & Metal Detection on P-6 & P-7

Product Details

The HSM SECURIO P44i P-7 is an impressive 1x5mm High Security document shredder and is the Highest Capacity Departmental Shredder on the market. With an innovative IntelligentDrive motor and a high-resolution touch screen display making it the perfect choice for large working groups and entire departments.

The innovative touch screen IntelligentDrive control panel allows the user to choose between ‘silent’, ‘standard’ or ‘performance’ operating modes for destroying data efficiently and comfortably. It also features intelligent paper jam correction, that recognises if too much paper has been fed in and reacts automatically.

The ‘silent’ mode reduces the operating noise level compared to the standard model so shredding can be performed in offices without disturbing other staff close by, and for increased shredding speed simply switch to ‘performance’ mode. The special motor technology will produce up to 40% increased performance compared to the ‘standard’ mode for a period of time, which is perfect for those extra special high capacity shredding jobs.

The HSM SECURIO P44i has an automatic safety device that switches off if pressure is applied to the safety element and a handy internal automatic oiling system which ensures the correct amount of lubricant is distributed to the cutting rollers to guarantee consistent optimum performance. Please note that for shredders with integrated oilers it is recommended that HSM oil is used, which can be purchased in handy 5 litre canisters.

The filling level of the large removable, reusable waste bag is displayed through an inspection window. This machine is manufactured in Germany.

The HSM SECURIO P44i machine is very simple to use. It has a high degree of energy saving due to the stand-by mode and an automatic switch-off. A powerful motor allows for continuous operation. With a quiet operating sound and attractive functional design, the HSM SECURIO P44i fits into any style of office without disturbing the operator.

The HSM Securio Shredders are designed for longevity so rest assured as you are fully protected with HSM’s unique, extended Fully Comprehensive 3 Year Machine, and LIFETIME WARRANTY on the solid steel cutting rollers. All Securio models also feature ‘EcoSmart’ Technology which takes the low power energy consumption in standby mode to just 0.1 watt of electricity, whilst leaving the document shredder permanently ready for use at any time. Due to the EcoSmart’ Technology HSM have recently been awarded the prestigious, ‘THE BLUE ANGEL’ award, for enhanced energy efficiency therefore protecting our environment and climate.

Warranty Terms

Unlike other manufacturers, this HSM model features an on site warranty.

In the Box

Supplied with various power cables - including UK & Ireland The box also contains a Free 250ml starter bottle of shredder oil & a pack of 5 waste sacks. Please note that the shredder oil will last approximately 1 week and so it is recommended that you order more to keep your shredder running at full capacity.

GDPR Compliance

The use of a P-7 shredder such as the SECURIO P44i P-7 will aid your GDPR compliance.
DIN Level P-7

DIN Security Levels

Shredders that destroy paper to Din Level P-7 are suitable for shredding strictly confidential data with the highest security precautions such as secret service or military sectors.
NPSA - National Protective Security Authority

This shredder has been NPSA (formerly known as CPNI) evaluated to shred the following material:

NPSA Evaluated to Shred Paper
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

HSM proudly produces this shredder in factories in Germany.
Name SECURIO P44i P-7
Manufacturer Code 1874121
Paper Shred Size 1x5mm Crypto Cut
DIN 66399 Security Levels P-7 / F-3
Sheet Capacity All specifications stated are to be used as guidance only and are subject to change at any time. Shredder sheet capacities for example are provided by manufacturers and are based on 70 gram paper, and are normally only achievable in ideal situations, so heavier duty paper will shred less sheets. In many cases the capacities quoted are theoretical as conditions vary and are dependent on operator usage, age and condition of machines, how regularly cutters are oiled, type and quality of paper etc. so realistic throughputs can be as low as half that of the theoretical capacities quoted. 10 sheets
Bin Capacity The number of shredded sheets that can collect in the waste bin before requiring emptying is provided for guidance purposes only. It may be necessary to push shreds down to reach capacities, and can be subject to many factors including the type, weight, size and age of paper being shredded. 205 litres/5500 sheets

Specifications subject to change - See Terms & Conditions for more info