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HSM SP 5080 6x40-53mm Cross Cut Shredder Baler (2990209134)

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These machines are typically manufactured to order and are usually available within 6-8 weeks.

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£32,869 + vat  
Protect your machine which will be replaced or repaired by increasing the standard manufacturer's warranty period if a fault develops within the first 3 year period - Terms Apply. £4,930
Our specially formulated lubricant prolongs the life of a shredder, reduces jamming and dust build up, eliminates squeaks, and saves valuable time when shredding £63.95
Always use a good quality waste sack to collect your shredded paper as they will not split, break or tear leaving mess and dust on your floor when emptying £65.00

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£32,869 + vat   (£39,443 inc vat)
In Stock.

These machines are typically manufactured to order and are usually available within 6-8 weeks.

Leasing Illustration - Example Only

This model could be available for £166.90 per week

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  • 380 sheets per pass
  • Shreds Individual Sheets, Complete files inc metal rings, Books, Computer Printouts, CD's/DVD's, Floppy Disks & Credit Cards
  • Shreds up to 670kg per hour
  • 6x40-53mm Cross Cut / DIN Security Level P-3 for sensitive & confidential data. More Info.
  • 500mm Entry Throat (A4, A3 & A2)
  • Produces up to 7-9 bales per hour
  • Bale Dimensions (WxDxH):570x490x800mm
  • Bale Weight:60-80kg
  • Max Cycle Time: 18 seconds
  • Pressing Power: 80 kN
  • Loading Aperture: 320x510mm
  • Motor: 4 kW
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1155x2650x1410mm
  • A manufacturer's demonstration is usually available on request

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Shredder Oil & Waste Sacks for the HSM SP 5080

Universal Shredder Baler Waste Sacks (S8)

£65.00 (x1)
£175.50 (x3)
£520.00 (x10)
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HSM Shredder Bags for SP 5080

£72.95 (x1)
£141.52 (x2)
£346.50 (x5)
(All + vat)

Universal Biodegradable Shredder Oil 1 litre

£16.95 (x1)
£61.04 (x4)
£135.60 (x10)
(All + vat)

Universal Biodegradable Shredder Oil 5 litres

£39.95 (x1)
£143.84 (x4)
£319.60 (x10)
(All + vat)

HSM Shredder Oil

HSM Shredder Oil
250ml Bottle
£14.95 (x1)
£29.00 (x2)
£71.00 (x5)
(All + vat)

HSM Shredder Oil

HSM Shredder Oil
5 Litre Canister
£63.95 (x1)
£186.09 (x3)
£303.75 (x5)
(All + vat)

Outstanding Quality & Durability

Outstanding Quality & Durability

Made in Germany Quality – HSM Powerline shredders are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany for outstanding quality and durability. HSM manufactures virtually all shredder components except for electrics and conveyors from raw materials (steel & plastic) in their own engineering plant in South West Germany. Powerline machines are assembled in the main engineering plant in Salem.

HSM Powerline machines are covered by a 2-year on-site machine warranty (single shift operation under 2,000 hrs per annum). HSM shredders are supported in the UK by HSM's own team of Service engineers, with service work control handled out of the HSM Office in Burntwood, Staffordshire.

Robust Cutting Rollers & Continuous Operation

Robust Cutting Rollers & Continuous Operation

The cutting rollers on Powerline shredders are machined in HSM's CNC Machining Hall from solid rods of steel which are maintained at a constant temperature to maintain cutting tolerances. Cutters undergo a multi-stage manufacturing process including machining, induction hardening at over 800°C, precision grinding with exhaustive quality checks at every stage. These larger rollers are induction hardened offsite at a specialist facility to cope with the extremely high magnetic fields required. The resulting cutting rollers are extremely robust and very sharp, with a long effective service life.

Powerful Three Phase motors - 7.5 kW in Single Stage or 5kW & 4KW in P-5 Dual Stage machines give continuous run operation for impressive shredding throughput.

Easy to Use & Efficient

Easy to Use & Efficient

Optional extra wide table to accommodate large amounts of documents prior to shredding so they are easier to feed onto the conveyor belt.

In-feed to the SP5080 is via a 500mm wide conveyor belt. Continuously feathering the documents onto the conveyor allows them to be fed quickly and efficiently to the powerful cutting head for shredding. Emergency Stop bar protects the whole width of the intake area.

Convenient Oiler & Baler

Convenient Oiler & Baler

The SP5080 is equipped with an automatic oil pump and reservoir. The machine will automatically oil the cutting head for optimum cutting performance. The reservoir is topped up through the filling cap on the right of the machine body.

The closed door baler on the SP5080 compresses the shredded paper to form a single very tight bale of between 40 & 80kg. Once the bale is complete it is ejected into a plastic bag and onto a pallet. The bag can then be taped shut to fully contain the bale.

Product Details

The HSM SP 5080 is an extremely high performance conveyor belt document shredder combined with convenient baling press (HSM FA 500.3 shredder and HSM KP 80 baler). The HSM FA 500.3 shredder is a specialist 3-Phase Cross Cut Bulk Destroyers for Continuous Operation at Large Departments and Archive departments as Central Shredding Points.

Material intake via large loading table and electric conveyor belt. Keypad control for constant operation and reverse as well as automatic reverse in the event of a paper jam. Integrated, manual oiler for cutting unit. Modern SPS controller with multilingual display and convenient menu navigation. Photoelectric cell for automatic control of the pressing process.

Shredding and pressing conducted simultaneously. Material compressed directly in the waste bag.

A display will indicate when the SP 5080 machine has finished baling.

*Please note that to comply with the manufacturers delivery and installation criteria you will be required to complete a Survey Sheet prior to acceptance of your order. There will normally be additional charges dependent on your delivery location, and any specialist lifting, delivery and installation requirements, which will be agreed prior to your delivery.

Warranty Terms

2 Year Machine Warranty - Reduced to 6 months for units working in excess of 16 hours per day
NB. Please note that this machine requires a 3-phase power supply.
DIN Level P-3

DIN Security Levels

Shredders that destroy paper to Din Level P-3 are suitable for shredding sensitive and confidential data, as well as personal data such as company sales reports, tax documents and documents with private address data.
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

HSM proudly produces this shredder in factories in Germany.
Name SP 5080
Manufacturer Code 2990209134
Paper Shred Size 6x40-53mm Cross Cut
DIN 66399 Security Levels P-3 / O-2 / T-2 / E-2
Sheet Capacity All specifications stated are to be used as guidance only and are subject to change at any time. Shredder sheet capacities for example are provided by manufacturers and are based on 70 gram paper, and are normally only achievable in ideal situations, so heavier duty paper will shred less sheets. In many cases the capacities quoted are theoretical as conditions vary and are dependent on operator usage, age and condition of machines, how regularly cutters are oiled, type and quality of paper etc. so realistic throughputs can be as low as half that of the theoretical capacities quoted. 380 sheets
Hourly Capacity 670kg per hour

Specifications subject to change - See Terms & Conditions for more info