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Verity V91 DLT/LTO Tape Degausser Shredder (ZZ009178)

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£2,339 + vat  
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RRP: £2,436 - You Save: £97 (4%)
£2,339 + vat   (£2,807 inc vat)

Leasing Illustration - Example Only

This model could be available for £13.70 per week

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  • Suitable for DLT and LTO Back-up tapes
  • Up to 80 DLT/LTO Tapes per hour typical
  • DIN Security Level: H-1
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 420x480x150mm

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Product Details

The V91 DLT/LTO Flatbed Manual Tape Degausser offers a secure method for erasing a wide range of DLT and LTO tapes, perfect for those seeking complete erasure of small volumes of audio, video or data tapes, cassettes and reels. This device combines rapid, manual operation with a high level of efficiency, erasing tapes in less than 12 seconds, making it a cost-effective solution for organizations aiming to streamline their data destruction processes. It's compatible with a range of backup tapes, ensuring versatility across different data storage formats.

Offering more than just data destruction, the V91 DLT/LTO enhances organizational data security lifecycle management, contributing to environmental sustainability by facilitating tape reuse. When reusing DLT tapes, it is important that all data and formatting is removed completely. The V91 DLT/LTO tape degausser has a powerful degaussing magnet that removes all patterns, thus eliminating all data and formatting, leaving them completely clear and ready to reuse. Degaussing DLT, LTO and other magnetic media will ensure that subsequent recordings will be at their very best. Degaussing can extend the life of magnetic media such as DLT, which in turn delivers cost savings.

LTO degaussers, such as the V91 DLT/LTO, alter the magnetic charge on LTO tape cartridges. This process will erase the data stored on the tape and also erases the cartridge's servo tracks, making the cartridge completely unreadable. Note: Some backup tapes may not be reusable after degaussing due to the servo track being erased.

With compact dimensions that facilitate easy integration into existing workflows, this degausser generates a powerful force of 5100 peak Gauss. It suits high-security needs and meets erasure depths of -75dB on 1500 OE Tape and -90dB on 750 OE Tape. This degausser has a typical throughput of 80 DLT/LTO tapes per hour and is designed to be user-friendly with a simple On/Off button and security key for easy operation.

Backed by a three-year warranty that can be extended, the V91 DLT/LTO is built for durability and comes with lifetime technical support, highlighting the manufacturer's commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction. The V91 DLT/LTO aligns with data protection regulations and standards such as PCI DSS, PIPEDA, NIST, GDPR, and HIPAA, ensuring organizations meet regulatory compliance, making it an essential tool for the irrecoverable destruction of sensitive information.

Suitable for the following media:

All backup tapes including; DLT,2,3,4,5,6 & SDLT, LTO1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8. 3480/3490/3490e,3590,9840,T9940 & T10000 tape. Ultrium & Redwood SD-3 tape and cartridges. Mammoth 1 & 2, 8mm, AIT1 & 2, M2 tapes, DDS 1,2,3,4 & 5, DD-2.

Other media erased: " Computer Tape, Diskettes (Single/Boxed), DC 600, 2000, TK50, 70, 85, 3480/3490E, 4mm, 8mm, Exabyte, Travan, DAT, ZIP Disk, Ultrium, HDCam 1" Tape on reels up to 14" diameter

Name V91 DLT/LTO Tape Degausser
Manufacturer Code ZZ009178
DIN 66399 Security Levels H-1
Security Approvals Standard Commercial Degausser Meeting Compliance for PCI DSS, GDPR, PIPEDA, NIST.SP.800-88, NIST SP 800-36, GLBA, HIPAA, IRS-1075, CJIS, and California Senate Bill 1386
Hourly Capacity 80 DLT/LTO Tapes per hour typical

Specifications subject to change - See Terms & Conditions for more info