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Universal Biodegradable Shredder Oil 500ml (BIOOIL)

£12.95 + vat (1pk)  (£15.54 inc vat)
£46.64 + vat (4 pks)  (£55.97 inc vat)
£103.60 + vat (10 pks)  (£124.32 inc vat)
The perfect size of lubricant for most small and medium sized shredders, this natural 500ml bottle of Biodegradable Shredder Oil from will normally last for up to 1 month. Most shredders require oiling to make sure they run at peak condition and oiling the cutting head has several benefits to help prolong its working lifespan, to help prevent annoying paper jams, noisy squeaking and the build-up of paper dust, and importantly so as not to negate the manufacturer’s warranty. The higher the security level of your shredder, and the more the machine is used, the more you need to oil the cutting head but as a general rule, we recommend oiling your shredder at least every day. Please always check manufacturers instruction documentation for more specific details as some specialist cutting systems require less or no oil, and some units are fitted with an automatic oiling system requiring a special sized bottle, but always make sure you have enough oil to keep your shredder lubricated and running perfectly.
Universal Biodegradable Shredder Oil 500ml