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HSM StoreEx HDS 230 Dual Stage Digital Data Media Shredder with Exit Conveyor (1777124F)

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Leasing Illustration - Example Only

This model could be available for £179.30 per week

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  • Shreds Hard Drives and Magnetic Tapes up to 3.5'' (DLT, Ultrium, LTOs), Zip, USB Sticks, Optical Media (CDs/DVDs, Blu-ray), Credit and Identity Cards, Solid State Drives (SSDs), Phones and PDAs.
  • Up to 280 Standard Hard Drives, 1150 SSD Hard Drives, 6000 CDs/DVDs or 420 magnetic tapes per hour
  • Shreds up to 60kg per hour
  • DIN Security Level: O-2 / T-3 / E-2 / H-5
  • 165x60mm Entry Throat (Up to 3.5'' Hard Drives)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 2879x905x1712mm

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Outstanding Quality & Durability

Outstanding Quality & Durability

Made in Germany Quality – HSM StoreEx shredders are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany for outstanding quality and durability. HSM manufactures virtually all shredder components except for electrics and conveyors from raw materials (steel & plastic) in their own engineering plant in South West Germany. StoreEx machines are assembled in the main engineering plant in Salem.

HSM StoreEx machines are covered by a 1-year on-site machine warranty (single shift operation under 2,000 hrs per annum). HSM shredders are supported in the UK by HSM's own team of Service engineers, with service work control handled out of the HSM Office in Burntwood, Staffordshire.

Robust Cutting Rollers

Robust Cutting Rollers

Hard Drive Shredder cutting rollers for this machine with dual stage cutting heads are machined in HSM's CNC Machining Hall from solid rods of steel which are maintained at a constant temperature to maintain cutting tolerances. Cutters undergo a multi-stage manufacturing process including machining, induction hardening at over 800°C, precision grinding with exhaustive quality checks at every stage. These larger rollers are induction hardened offsite at a specialist facility to cope with the extremely high magnetic fields required. The resulting cutting rollers are extremely robust and very sharp, with a long effective service life.

Powerful & Secure

Powerful & Secure

Continuous Operation. Equipped with two powerful 3kW three phase 400V motors and direct drive via epicyclic gearboxes to the cutting heads, the HDS 230 Dual Stage is a machine that requires a Three Phase power supply and connects via a 32 Amp 5-pin CCE socket.
This machine can shred:
1,150 x 2.5" hard drives/ hour
280 x 3.5" hard drives/ hour

11.5 x 26mm cross-cut cutting unit produces very small shred at H-5 security level. Not only are hard drives and other media cut into very small particles, they are also deformed and twisted as they pass through the cutting head and provide a very high level of security for the most sensitive applications.

Safe, Easy to Use & Convenient

Safe, Easy to Use & Convenient

Media is placed into the 165mm wide feed slot and the feed pushed forward. Media is safely fed into the machine with no danger of flying splinters leaving the machine. A separate CD slot allows single CD/DVDs or credit cards to be fed directly to the cutting head.
The large LED display enables the continuous input of media.

Simple and intuitive control panel with an LCD display has 3 settings for different materials - Hard Drives, CD/DVD and Tape Drives, select optimum motor speed and torque for each material type. The panel sets the machine running and displays information and warning messages. Emergency Stop button located next to the control panel.

Shredded drives are output by a conveyor belt system, mounted as standard on the Right Hand Side, but can also be configured for Left Hand Side output. Ideal for shredding into a 1,000-litre wheeled dumpster bin, or a pallet crate. Powered by a small separate motor, the conveyor is extremely quiet in operation.

Product Details

The HSM StoreEx HDS 230 Dual Stage Digital Data Media Shredder with Exit Conveyor shreds into tiny particles using a dual stage process and makes data recreation virtually impossible. It is secure, data policy compliant and economical. The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers are robust and ensure a long operating life.

The machine provides an excellent cutting performance combined with reliable continuous operation and a low noise level. It is easily operated via a robust membrane keypad with display and a large and clearly visible LED display. Thin optical, magnetic and electronic data media can be shredded comfortably and quickly using the input slot. The automatic reverse function rectifies material jams and ensures smooth shredding operations.

The HSM StoreEx HDS 230 digital data media shredder is a low maintenance machine with a closed direct drive unit and an emergency off switch. It has a small footprint and a control cabinet with a wide door. It is mobile and has smoothly-running, stable castors with a parking brake.

The powerful and energy-efficient dust extractor (sold separately) in dust class H ensures an optimal dust extraction and reduces the emission of substances which could be a health hazard.

The data media to be destroyed can be recorded using a special camera as well as registered and documented easily and quickly using a hand scanner (both sold separately). The HDS 230 can be securely mounted on a truck with the mounting kit (sold separately) and a conveyor belt (sold separately) can be used for a continuous material feed into the machine.

*Please note that to comply with the manufacturers delivery and installation criteria you will be required to complete a Survey Sheet prior to acceptance of your order. There will normally be additional charges dependent on your delivery location, and any specialist lifting, delivery and installation requirements, which will be agreed prior to your delivery.

Warranty Terms

1 Year Machine Warranty when used in single-shift operation or a maximum of 2000 operating hours - Reduced to 6 months when-used in multi-shift operation or a maximum of 2000 operating hours.
NB. Please note that this machine requires a 3-phase power supply.
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

HSM proudly produces this shredder in factories in Germany.
Name StoreEx HDS 230 Dual Stage Digital Data Media Shredder with Exit Conveyor
Manufacturer Code 1777124F
Shred Size: 11.5x26mm Cross Cut
DIN 66399 Security Levels O-2 / T-3 / E-2 / H-5
Hourly Capacity 60kg per hour
Capacity Up to 280 Standard Hard Drives, 1150 SSD Hard Drives, 6000 CDs/DVDs or 420 magnetic tapes per hour

Specifications subject to change - See Terms & Conditions for more info