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Fellowes Shredder Bags up to 94 Litres (36056)

Pack of 50

£43.95 + vat (1pk)  (£52.74 inc vat)
£85.26 + vat (2 pks)  (£102.31 inc vat)
£208.75 + vat (5 pks)  (£250.50 inc vat)

These shredder sacks are suitable for Fellowes shredders with a waste bin capacity of up to 94 Litres.

The use of a Fellowes shredder bag with a shredder means that the dust is collected within a sealed unit cannot escape. The use of an internal waste sack makes emptying much easier even with a full collection box. Anyone who has tried to empty a collection box directly into a skip in the car park or rubbish bin as the wind gets hold of it will only do it once! The use of a plastic bag will eliminate the possibility of shreds blowing down the street and generally causing untidy mess.

Fellowes Shredder Bags up to 94 Litres

These sacks are suitable for the following shredders:

Fellowes AutoMax 600M
Fellowes C-320
Fellowes C-320C
Fellowes C-325Ci
Fellowes C-325i
Fellowes Powershred 325Ci
Fellowes Powershred 325i