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Rexel AS3000 Waste Sacks (AS3000)

Pack of 100

£95.95 + vat (1pk)  (£115.14 inc vat)
£186.14 + vat (2 pks)  (£223.37 inc vat)
£455.75 + vat (5 pks)  (£546.90 inc vat)
The AS range of Rexel waste sacks are specifically designed to fit Rexel machines. They are manufactured from top grade polypropylene and are supplied in an easy dispenser box.
Rexel AS3000 Waste Sacks

These sacks are suitable for the following shredders:

Rexel 4000 S2
Rexel 4000 S24
Rexel 4000 S3
Rexel 4000 S4
Rexel Auto Plus
Rexel Auto Plus 650
Rexel Auto+ 500M
Rexel Auto+ 500M - A Grade
Rexel Auto+ 500X
Rexel Auto+ 500X - A Grade
Rexel Auto+ 600M
Rexel Auto+ 600M - A Grade
Rexel Auto+ 600X
Rexel Auto+ 600X - A Grade
Rexel Auto+ 750M
Rexel Auto+ 750M - A Grade
Rexel Auto+ 750X
Rexel Auto+ 750X - A Grade
Rexel Auto+ SmarTech 600X
Rexel Auto+ SmarTech 600X - A Grade
Rexel Auto+ SmarTech 750X
Rexel Autoplus 415
Rexel Autoplus 425
Rexel Optimum Auto+ 225M
Rexel Optimum Auto+ 225X
Rexel Optimum Auto+ 300M
Rexel Optimum Auto+ 300X
Rexel Optimum Auto+ 600M
Rexel Optimum Auto+ 600X
Rexel Optimum Auto+ 750M
Rexel Optimum Auto+ 750X
Rexel RLWS28
Rexel RLWX19