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Rexel AS1000 Waste Sacks (40070DR)

Pack of 100

£53.95 + vat (1pk)  (£64.74 inc vat)
£104.66 + vat (2 pks)  (£125.59 inc vat)
£256.25 + vat (5 pks)  (£307.50 inc vat)
The AS range of Rexel waste sacks are specifically designed to fit Rexel machines. They are manufactured from top grade polypropylene and are supplied in an easy dispenser box.
Rexel AS1000 Waste Sacks

These sacks are suitable for the following shredders:

Rexel 1400 S2
Rexel 1400 S3
Rexel 1400 S4
Rexel 1400 S5 HS
Rexel P210/4
Rexel P210/6 CD
Rexel P215
Rexel P270/4
Rexel P270/6 CD
Rexel P275
Rexel P330/4
Rexel P330/6 CD
Rexel P335
Rexel RDM1050
Rexel RDM1150
Rexel RDM1150 - A Grade
Rexel RDM1170
Rexel RDS2050
Rexel RDS2250
Rexel RDS2250 - A Grade
Rexel RDS2270
Rexel RDS2270
Rexel RDS2270 - A Grade
Rexel RDSM750
Rexel RDSM750
Rexel RDSM750 - A Grade
Rexel RDSM770
Rexel RDX1750
Rexel RDX1850
Rexel RDX1850 - A Grade
Rexel RDX1970
Rexel RDX2070
Rexel RLM11 Auto Oiler
Rexel RLM11 Auto Oiler
Rexel RLM11 Auto Oiler - A Grade
Rexel RLS28 Auto Oiler
Rexel RLS32 Auto Oiler
Rexel RLSM9
Rexel RLSM9 Auto Oiler
Rexel RLX20 Auto Oiler