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EcoShred Dust Reduction Unit - Single Phase Power (EcoVacSingle)

£539.00 + vat  (£646.80 inc vat)

The Dust Reduction Vacuum reduces the dust produced when shredding cardboard and can be fitted to certain Cardboard Shredder Machines. Dust Reduction Units are powered separately so you can use a single phase unit with a 3 phase machine and vice versa.

EcoShred Dust Reduction Unit - Single Phase Power

This product is suitable for the following products:

EcoShred 320Si (Vacuum Ready) - Refurbished
EcoShred 320Si Cabinet Vacuum Ready Matting Shredder
Optimax OCS320 (Vacuum Ready) Cardboard Shredder
Optimax OP3164MM
Packer Cushion Pack CP320S2i
Optimax OP3204MM
Packer Cushion Pack CPS320S2i
Optimax OCS422-240V
Optimax OCS422-3PH Cardboard Shredder
Packer Cushion Pack CP422S2 - 3PH Mats
Optimax CPS422 S2-4MM
Shredpack SP422 3-phase Cabinet Vacuum ready Matting Shredder
Packer Cushion Pack CPS422S2 - 3PH
Packer Cushion Pack CP422S2i
Packer Cushion Pack CPS422S2i
Packer Cushion Pack CP430S2i - 3PH
Packer Cushion Pack CPS430S2
Optimax CP430 S2-4MM-3PH
Optimax OP428-3PH
Optimax OP430-3PH
Packer CP428 S2-4MM
Packer CP428S2 - 3PH
Optimax OP4284MM-3PH