Shredder Wizard
If you intend to shred CDs and Plastic Cards you may wish to consider a machine with dual waste compartments to keep the waste separate.

Optimax Dust Reduction Unit - Single Phase Power (OP-SFP100-1K)

£585.00 + vat  (£702.00 inc vat)

The Dust Reduction Vacuum System reduces the dust produced when shredding cardboard and can be fitted to certain Cardboard Shredder Machines. All units are supplied with 3 metre hose fittings, and weight 60kgs with a footprint less than 0.5sq m. Has a 600 watt motor and 70 litre waste bag capacity. Dust Reduction Units are powered separately so you can use a single phase unit with a 3 phase machine and vice versa.

Optimax Dust Reduction Unit - Single Phase Power

This product is suitable for the following products:

EcoShred 320Si (Vacuum Ready) - Refurbished
Optimax OP3164MM
EcoShred 320Si (Vacuum Ready)
Optimax OP320 (Vacuum Ready)
Packer Cushion Pack CP320S2i
Optimax OP3204MM
Packer Cushion Pack CPS320S2i
Optimax OP422-240V
Optimax OP422-3PH
Packer Cushion Pack CP422S2 - 3PH Mats
Optimax OP4224MM-3PH
Optimax CPS422 S2-4MM
Packer Cushion Pack CPS422S2 - 3PH
Packer Cushion Pack CP422S2i
Packer Cushion Pack CPS422S2i
Packer Cushion Pack CP430S2i - 3PH
Optimax CP430 S2-4MM-3PH
Packer Cushion Pack CPS430S2
Optimax OP428-3PH
Optimax OP430-3PH
Packer CP428S2 - 3PH
Optimax OP4284MM-3PH
Packer CP428 S2-4MM