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Cross-Cut Shredders require noticeably fewer waste bags as the waste is more compact than a Strip-Cut Shredder.

Rexel AS100 Waste Sacks (40060DR)

Pack of 100

£29.95 + vat (1pk)  (£35.94 inc vat)
£58.10 + vat (2 pks)  (£69.72 inc vat)
£142.25 + vat (5 pks)  (£170.70 inc vat)
The AS range of Rexel waste sacks are specifically designed to fit Rexel machines. They are manufactured from top grade polypropylene and are supplied in an easy dispenser box.
Rexel AS100 Waste Sacks

These sacks are suitable for the following shredders:

Rexel 250 S2
Rexel 250 S3
Rexel 250 S4
Rexel 250 S5 HS
Rexel Easyfeed CC175
Rexel Easyfeed SC170
Rexel P180 CD
Rexel P180/4
Rexel P185
Rexel Promax RES1123
Rexel Promax RES823
Rexel Promax REX623
Rexel Promax REX823
Rexel Promax RSS1535
Rexel Promax RSS1838
Rexel Promax RSX1035
Rexel Promax RSX1538
Rexel Promax V60 Whisper
Rexel Promax V65 Whisper
Rexel REM820
Rexel RSS1830
Rexel RSS2230
Rexel RSS2232
Rexel RSS2434
Rexel RSX1530
Rexel RSX1632
Rexel RSX1834
Rexel Shredmaster V120
Rexel Shredmaster V125
Rexel V50
Rexel V55