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IDEAL Waste Sacks for 3105 + 40xx (9000410)

Pack of 50

£177.00 + vat (1pk)  (£212.40 inc vat)
£343.38 + vat (2 pks)  (£412.06 inc vat)
£840.75 + vat (5 pks)  (£1,008.90 inc vat)
The use of a IDEAL waste sack with a shredder means that the dust is collected within a sealed unit cannot escape. The use of an internal waste sack makes emptying much easier even with a full collection box. Anyone who has tried to empty a collection box directly into a skip in the car park or rubbish bin as the wind gets hold of it will only do it once! The use of a plastic bag will eliminate the possibility of shreds blowing down the street and generally causing untidy mess.
IDEAL Waste Sacks for 3105 + 40xx

These sacks are suitable for the following shredders:

IDEAL 3105 6mm
IDEAL 3105 CC P-4
IDEAL 3105 CC P-5
IDEAL 3105 SMC P-7
IDEAL 4002 CC P-4
IDEAL 4002 CC P-5
IDEAL 4002 SC P-2
IDEAL 4002 SMC P-7
IDEAL 4003 CC P-4
IDEAL 4003 CC P-5
IDEAL 4003 SC P-2
IDEAL 4004 CC P-4
IDEAL 4004 CC P-5
IDEAL 4004 SC P-2
IDEAL 4004 SC P-2
IDEAL 4005 CC P-4
IDEAL 4005 CC P-5
IDEAL 4005 MC P-6
IDEAL 4005 SC P-2
IDEAL 4005 SMC P-7