Shredder Wizard
Remember that by law some information needs to be kept for a long time for tax or legal reasons - Check before you shred important documents.

Cash Back Offers

Please note that manufacturers terms and conditions apply for details see:
Maximum 1 claim per participating product purchased. Multiple claims across different participating products are allowed, providing there are corresponding itemised invoices indicating the different participating products purchased. Duplicate claims or invoices against participating products will be rejected and Members may be disqualified from the Programme.
Claiming a "Cash Back" offer is simple; when you order a qualifying machine you will be sent a link with your order confirmation.
This link contains a form that will ask you for various pieces of information such as name, address, proof of purchase and your bank details (account number and sort code).
Once complete the amount advertised is then transferred to your chosen bank account (or charity if your organisation doesn't allow purchasers to claim cash back).
Funds will usually arrive in your bank account within 7 days although this can vary depending on who is running the promotion so please allow up to 28 days to receive your funds. You can always contact us if you are unsure what is happening with your cash back.
If we are running this promotion ourselves then we will never share your details with 3rd parties. If it is a manufacturer run promotion then make sure you tick the box that says you do not wish your details to be shared (assuming this is the case).
N.B. Sometimes the promotion has a time limit (eg you must make your claim by a certain date or within a particular time frame after you order), the shortest time frame is 1 month so you will have plenty of time, just don't forget to make the claim once the shredder has arrived!