Shredder Wizard
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Cash Back Offers

Only one entry per person/company/address/bank account. Each participant can join this promotion with a max of 5 shredders, provided that all 5 shredders are listed on the same invoice document. For this case the participant must submit a claim separately for each shredder and on the same day. Otherwise subsequent claims will be rejected.
Claiming a "Cash Back" offers is simple; when you order a qualifying machine you will be sent a link with your order confirmation.
This link contains a form that will ask you for various pieces of information such as name, address, proof of purchase and your bank details (account number and sort code).
Once complete the amount advertised is then transferred to your chosen bank account.
Funds will usually arrive in your bank account within 30 days although this can vary. You can always contact us if you are unsure what is happening with your cash back.
We will not pass the participant's personal details to any other organization without their permission.
N.B. Sometimes the promotion has a time limit (eg you must make your claim by a certain date or within a particular time frame after you order), the shortest time frame is 1 month so you will have plenty of time, just don't forget to make the claim once the shredder has arrived!