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Degausser Recycling Program

Don Ruffles Limited is proud to be an environmentally friendly Company, doing our part to protect the environment for future generations. Internally, we're committed to recycling, conserving energy and using locally made, non-toxic products in our manufacturing process. As such, the degaussers and destruction device equipment we manufacture can help you to protect the environment as well.
Degausser RecyclingTo further our environmental stewardship, we offer a Degausser Take-Back Program: a free service that includes the appraisal, disassembly, recycling and safe disposal of any degausser. We identify the safest and most environmentally sound methods to re-use, recycle and properly dispose of your degaussing equipment once it has reached the end of its life cycle. Whether it's working or not, we accept any degausser, regardless if its manufacturer.
Degaussers which contain rare or costly reusable components qualify for discounts on upgrades. Based on a fair market value, we'll apply a trade-in allowance towards any new or refurbished product purchased from Degaussers.eu. Even if your degausser doesn't hold any monetary value, we will still recycle it responsibly for you. All we ask is that you arrange to deliver it to us and we will arrange an appraisal.
WARNING! Do not attempt to dissemble a degausser on your own - these machines may contain materials that could put you at risk of serious injury when improperly disassembled. Please leave it to the professionals at Don Ruffles Ltd.