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Most people do not want to have to empty the waste bin more than once a day so choose a Cross-Cut shredder.

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Fellowes Powershred 10M
£133.00 + vat
** 50 Cash Back **
Manufacturer Code: 2020100X 4630701 2021420XEU 5502601
Shred Size (Paper): 4x28mm Cross cut 2x12mm Micro cut 4x35mm Cross cut 4x12mm Micro cut
Din 66399 Security Level: Restricted (DIN P-4) Confidential (DIN P-5) Restricted (DIN P-4) Restricted (DIN P-4)
Old Din 32757-1 Level: P-5
Sheet Capacity: 100 Sheets 9 Sheets 20 Sheets 18 Sheets
Daily Capacity (Paper): 250 Sheets 250 Sheets 500 Sheets 1000 Sheets
Throat Width: 220mm (A4) 220mm (A4) 210mm (A4) 230mm (A4)
Bin Capacity: 34 litres / 383 sheets 19 litres / 387 sheets 30 litres / 275 sheets 30 litres / 750 sheets
Cutting Speed: 1.8 metres/min 2.74 metres/min 2 metres/min
Noise Level: 55 dB 65 dB 55 dB 65 dB
Continuous Run Time: 20 mins 10 mins 240 mins 30 mins
Motor Cool Down Time: 20 mins 15 mins
Voltage Cycle (v/Hz): 230/50 240/50 230/50 240/50
Dimensions (W*D*H): 431*364*530mm 345*250*500mm 320*656*406mm 419*299*590mm
Weight: 14.2kg 8.3kg 19kg 15.5kg
Shreds Staples: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shreds Paperclips: Yes No Yes Yes
Shreds CDs/DVDs: No No No No
Shreds Credit Cards: Yes Yes No Yes
Shreds Cardboard: No No No No
Waste Sack Type: S2 S1 S1 S1
Machine Warranty: 2 years 2 years 2 years 3 years
Cutter Warranty: 2 years 5 years 2 years 5 years