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HSM 105.3 Office - Ex Showroom 1.9mm Strip Cut Shredder (1289841)

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  • 14 sheets per pass / 250 sheets per day
  • Shreds Paper, Staples & Credit Cards
  • 1.9mm Strip Cut / DIN Security Level P-3
  • 240mm Entry Throat (A4)
  • Bin Capacity: 250 sheets - 33 litres
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 375x281x583mm

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Product Details

The HSM 105.3 Office 1289 is 1.9mm Strip Cut high performance shredder for desk side use, for constant workloads. It is also suitable for shredding credit or store cards and thermo-transfer films from fax machines.

In the Box

As well as the shredder, power cable and product manual, the box contains a free starter pack of 5 waste sacks.
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

HSM proudly produces this document shredder in factories in Germany.
Name105.3 Office - Ex Showroom
Manufacturer Code1289841
Paper Shred Size 1.9mm Strip Cut
DIN 66399 Security Levels P-3
Old DIN 32757-1 Level Confidential (DIN 3)
Sheet Capacity All specifications stated are to be used as guidance only and are subject to change at any time. Shredder sheet capacities for example are provided by manufacturers and are based on 70 gram paper, and are normally only achievable in ideal situations, so heavier duty paper will shred less sheets. In many cases the capacities quoted are theoretical as conditions vary and are dependent on operator usage, age and condition of machines, how regularly cutters are oiled, type and quality of paper etc. so realistic throughputs can be as low as half that of the theoretical capacities quoted. 14 sheets
Daily Capacity 250 sheets

Specifications subject to change - See Terms & Conditions for more info