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JBF 38-50HD 8mm Hard Drive Mobile Disintegrator

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This model could be available for £218.32 per week

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The Hard Drive Scanner is installed in the in feed chute of the shredder so when the operator inserts the hard drive the bar code is scanned automatically and transferred to a laptop computer in a Windows Excel file. The operator then gets a beep that the scan was successful. £6,000

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Twice yearly1,295

4 times a year2,395

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Leasing Illustration - Example Only

This model could be available for £218.32 per week

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  • Shreds Hard Drives to 5.5''and Magnetic Tapes (DLT, Ultrium, LTOs), Zip, Optical Media (CDs/DVDs, Blu-ray), Credit and Identity Cards, USB Sticks, Solid State, Phones and PDAs
  • Up to 40 drives/hour
  • Shreds up to 13kg per hour
  • DIN Security Level: H-5
  • 1165x700mm Entry Throat (Hopper)
  • Bin Capacity: 240 litres
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1260x830x2148mm

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Product Details

The Mobile Hard Drive Shredder JBF 38-50HD Mobile has been especially designed for use on Trucks and Trailers to completely destroy Hard Drives and Discs and other media initially to 30mm pieces, and then continue to grind down to as small as 6mm particles meeting the most stringent requirements for Secret and Top Secret Destruction. The JBF 38-50HD is a flexible Shredder/Disintigrator with various possibilities of feeding and exiting of all typres of Media Products. It is designed for high throughput with a cutting zone of approx. 380 x 540 mm. The hard wearing knives continuously cut drives until the product is small enough to fall through a hardened granulation screen of a defined size for absolute security destruction. Available down to 6mm, this small particle size meets the stringent requirements of most worldwide government departments.

Warranty Terms

Warranty is 1 year in a one-shift operation or 2,000 working hours. Normal wear and tear of the knives and screens is excluded from the warranty.
NB. Please note that this machine requires a 3-phase power supply.
Name38-50HD 8mm Hard Drive Mobile Disintegrator
Shred Size: 8mm Security Particles
DIN 66399 Security Levels H-5
Hourly Capacity13kg per hour
CapacityUp to 40 drives/hour
Bin Capacity240 litres

Specifications subject to change - See Terms & Conditions for more info