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Fellowes MicroShred 62Mc 3x10mm Micro Cut Shredder (4685301)

Best selling micro-cut shredder with excellent sheet capacity

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RRP: £292.53 - You Save: £192.58 (66%)
£99.95 + vat   (£119.94 inc vat)
£99.95 + vat  
Protect your machine which will be replaced or repaired by increasing the standard manufacturer's warranty period if a fault develops within the first 3 year period - Terms Apply. £23.00
Our specially formulated lubricant prolongs the life of a shredder, reduces jamming and dust build up, eliminates squeaks, and saves valuable time when shredding £8.95
Each sheet contains a natural grinding powder which helps to sharpen the cutting blades. With regular use these easy to use sharpening sheets can keep your cutting blades both sharp and clean. Designed to be used alongside regular shredder oil for optimum performance. £9.95
Always use a good quality waste sack to collect your shredded paper as they will not split, break or tear leaving mess and dust on your floor when emptying £7.95

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Video of the Fellowes MicroShred 62Mc Shredder
RRP: £292.53 - You Save: £192.58 (66%)
£99.95 + vat   (£119.94 inc vat)


  • 10 sheets per pass / 250 sheets per day
  • Shreds Paper, Staples, Paperclips & Credit Cards
  • 3x10mm Micro Cut / DIN Security Level P-4 for sensitive, confidential & personal data. More Info.
  • 230mm Entry Throat (A4)
  • Bin Capacity: 500 sheets - 19 litres
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 348x265x476mm

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Shredder Oil & Waste Sacks for the Fellowes MicroShred 62Mc

Universal 50 Litre Small Shredder Sacks (S1)

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£34.12 (x2)
£75.80 (x5)
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Fellowes Waste Sacks 23-28 Litres

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£66.25 (x5)
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Universal Biodegradable Shredder Oil 250ml

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£32.24 (x4)
£71.60 (x10)
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Universal Biodegradable Shredder Oil 500ml

£12.95 (x1)
£46.64 (x4)
£103.60 (x10)
(All + vat)

Universal Biodegradable Shredder Oil 1 litre

£16.95 (x1)
£61.04 (x4)
£135.60 (x10)
(All + vat)

Fellowes Shredder Oil

£7.95 (x1)
£15.42 (x2)
£45.30 (x6)
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Universal Sharpening and Lubrication Sheets

£9.95 (x1)
£17.92 (x2)
£39.80 (x5)
(All + vat)

Product Details

Best selling micro-cut shredder with excellent sheet capacity

The new Fellowes MicroShred 62Mc is a Microcut shredder that can shred paper into tiny Security Level P-4 3x9mm particles. Each sheet of A4 paper is shredded into nearly 2000 pieces for the ultimate security for any individual users working with highly sensitive information such as Legal Firms, Accountants, Medical Centres or Human Resource Departments. The 62Mc can shred up to 10 sheets of A4 paper per pass and it''s space saving design means it does not take up too much space in your office or at home.

GDPR Compliance

The use of a P-4 shredder such as the MicroShred 62Mc will aid your GDPR compliance.
DIN Level P-4

DIN Security Levels

Shredders that destroy paper to Din Level P-4 are suitable for shredding sensitive and confidential data, as well as personal data such as payslips, personal data/files, contracts, medical reports and tax documents.


Superior Security (DIN P-5) micro-cut particles are small, unreadable particles designed to protect your privacy.
NameMicroShred 62Mc
Manufacturer Code4685301
Paper Shred Size 3x10mm Micro Cut
DIN 66399 Security Levels P-4 / T-3
Sheet Capacity All specifications stated are to be used as guidance only and are subject to change at any time. Shredder sheet capacities for example are provided by manufacturers and are based on 70 gram paper, and are normally only achievable in ideal situations, so heavier duty paper will shred less sheets. In many cases the capacities quoted are theoretical as conditions vary and are dependent on operator usage, age and condition of machines, how regularly cutters are oiled, type and quality of paper etc. so realistic throughputs can be as low as half that of the theoretical capacities quoted. 10 sheets
Bin Capacity The number of shredded sheets that can collect in the waste bin before requiring emptying is provided for guidance purposes only. It may be necessary to push shreds down to reach capacities, and can be subject to many factors including the type, weight, size and age of paper being shredded. 19 litres/500 sheets

Specifications subject to change - See Terms & Conditions for more info