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Cross-Cut Shredders require noticeably fewer waste bags as the waste is more compact than a Strip-Cut Shredder.

Universal Sharpening and Lubrication Sheets (SP1000)

12 Pack

£8.95 + vat (1pk)  (£10.74 inc vat)
£16.12 + vat (2 pks)  (£19.34 inc vat)
£35.80 + vat (5 pks)  (£42.96 inc vat)

The Ruffles Direct Sharpening and Lubrication sheets are the ideal solution to keep your shredder in top working condition and to lengthen its working life. With regular use these easy to use sharpening and lubrication sheets can keep your cutting blades both sharp and clean. Each sheet contains a natural grinding powder which helps to sharpen and every one has just the right amount of lubricant which helps to keep moving parts operating smoothly. Not only do the Sharpening and Lubrication Sheets sharpen blades, they reduce noise, dust and prevent rusting. Simply insert a sheet into the shredder and shred normally - simple to use and mess free. A COSHH sheet is not required for this product as it is 100% non-toxic.

Universal Sharpening and Lubrication Sheets