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Machine Dimensions: 430x687x958mm

Fellowes AutoMax 500C 4x38mm Cross Cut (4652101)

  • 500 sheet auto feeder
  • sheets per pass via the standard entry throat
  • 4x38mm Cross Cut - Din 66399 Security Level P-4
  • Bin Capacity: 1000 sheets - 75 litres
  • Shreds Paper, Staples, CDs/DVDs & Credit Cards
RRP: 1,927.74
579.00 + vat
(694.80 inc vat)
FREE with this Machine (worth 15.93)
Free Waste Sacks Free Shredder Oil

** Free Pack of 5 Waste Sacks and a 150ml Bottle of Shredder Oil **

Fellowes AutoMax 500C

The new Fellowes AutoMax 500C Cross-Cut Shredder features SureFeed Technology that makes the AutoMax range of shredders the World's first truly hands free walk-away auto-feed machines. The Fellowes AutoMax 500C shredders have been specially designed to overcome the limitations with traditional auto-feed machines and can handle a variety of different paper types and sizes up to A4 in size. This includes multiple folded sheets, junk mail, glossy paper and non folded legal paper.
There is no need to prepare the paper into pre-stacked, perfectly aligned piles for the AutoMax 500C, simply load up to 500 sheets into the shredding drawer, close, press shred and walk away. Your documents will be shredded into tiny 4x38mm Security Level P-4 particles in 12 minutes or less (depending on the number of sheets entered). Waste shreds fall into the generous 75 litre waste bin that features a mechanism to evenly distribute shredded paper to avoid false bin full interuptions. A JamGuard System prevents shredding interuptions for jam free operation whilst SmartLock automatically locks the paper drawer when shredding to prevent access to the paper whilst in use. Features 30, 60 and 90 minute start delay options as well as sleep mode that shuts down the shredder after 2 minutes of inactivity.
Inspired by the contemporary design of modern household appliances and engineered to last the Fellowes AutoMax shredders look and perform like no other shredder on the market today. Their sleek profile easily integrates into any office environment and their flat-top design offers additional storage and versatility.
The innovative LED touch screen shows a 3 stage bin full level and allows ease of use for any user. The convenient, front-loading pull out drawer allows you to shred a few, or even hundreds of documents per cycle.
Warranties - Machine: 2 years, Cutters: 20 years (cutter warranties are for parts only and do not include labour)

Shredder Oil, Waste Sacks & Accessories for the Fellowes AutoMax 500C

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Waste Sacks + Oil + Care Kit Bundle
Waste Sacks (S2) - Pack of 50 + Shredder Oil + Care Kit Bundle
45.40 + vat
PolyKing Waste Sacks (S2)
(All + vat)
17.95 (x1)
30.00 (x2)
72.50 (x5)
Biodegradable Shredder Oil 250ml
(All + vat)
7.95 (x1)
28.00 (x4)
60.00 (x10)
Fellowes Shredder Oil - 350ml Bottle
8.95 + vat
Biodegradable Shredder Oil 500ml
(All + vat)
10.95 (x1)
37.96 (x4)
89.50 (x10)
13.95 + vat

Fellowes AutoMax 500C - Specifications

Manufacturer Code:
Shred Size (Paper):
Shred Size (Media):
Din 66399 Security Level:
Old Din 32757-1 Level:
Auto Feed Capacity:
Daily Capacity:
CD/DVD Capacity:
Throat Width:
Bin Capacity:
Bin Style:
Extra Media Waste Bin:
Cutting Speed:
Continuous Run Time:
Motor Cool Down Time:
Voltage Cycle (v/Hz):
Dimensions (W*D*H):
Shreds Staples:
Shreds CDs/DVDs:
Shreds Credit Cards:
Shreds Cardboard:
Shreds Floppy Disks:
Waste Sack Type:
AutoMax 500C
4x38mm Cross Cut
CDs to O-3, Credit Cards to T-4
Restricted (DIN P-4)
Confidential (DIN 3)
500 sheets
2500 sheets
220mm (A4)
75 litres/1000 sheets
Pull Out Bin
2 metres/min
24 hours
** Specifications are subject to change - See Terms and Conditions for more information **