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Machine Dimensions: 495x470x850mm

IDEAL 0101 HDP (01011111)

  • 50 Hard Drives per day
  • Hard Drive Punch
RRP: £1,999.00
£1,650.00 + vat
(£1,980.00 inc vat)
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IDEAL 0101 HDP Hard Drive Punch

The IDEAL 0101 HDP Hard Drive Punch ensures that old Hard Drives can never be used again and therefore the Sensitive Information contained within cannot be accessed by your Competitors endangering Your Confidentiality. The new 0101 HDP Hard Drive Punch from IDEAL is the perfect low cost way of destroying 2 Hard Drives and other Optical Media per Minute by punching a hole through the Drives making the item completely unusable.
The risk associated with simply discarding Hard Drives from redundant Laptops, PCs, Servers, Copiers and even Printers is often overlooked. Masses of information is contained within an easily accessible Disk called a ‘Platter’ (like a small DVD) which can be very easily accessed and reconstructed using software that is readily available on the internet. This could pose a large risk to your Sensitive Information. Our advice is don’t take the risk!
Simply turn on the IDEAL 0101 HDP and the machine automatically punches a large hole through the Hard Drive, rendering the Data stored within completely unusable. This process takes approximately 15-20 seconds to complete. The 0101 HDP is suitable for punching either single feed 2.5’’ or 3.5’ ’Hard Drives which can be easily placed within the High Quality Steel Feed Chute via an adjustable Slide Lever which is accessed through an unbreakable Transparent Safety Flap.
The Hardened Nickel Plated Steel Punching Die is activated by a quiet, powerful 640 watt Single Phase Motor with Twin Drive System Gear Box which is continuously rated giving massive Torque to push through the metal parts, and the processed Drives then drop into a Sturdy Plastic Bin. You are protected at all times by the IDEAL SPS (Safety Protection System) safety package which is electronically controlled via a hinged safety flap for the feed opening. The 0101 HDP features castors to improve mobility around the office. Please note that this device is designed to provide a lifetime expectancy of 100,000 operations.
Warranties - Machine: 2 years, Cutters: 2 years (cutter warranties are for parts only and do not include labour)

IDEAL 0101 HDP Hard Drive Punch - Specifications

Manufacturer Code:
Shred Size (Paper):
Shred Size (Media):
Daily Media Capacity:
Bin Capacity:
Extra Media Waste Bin:
Continuous Run Time:
Motor Cool Down Time:
Voltage Cycle (v/Hz):
Dimensions (W*D*H):
Shreds Staples:
Shreds CDs/DVDs:
Shreds Credit Cards:
Shreds Cardboard:
Shreds Floppy Disks:
0101 HDP
Hard Drive Punch
50 Hard Drives per day
litres/ sheets
640 watts
24 hours
** Specifications are subject to change - See Terms and Conditions for more information **