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Machine Dimensions: 550x430x900mm

Rexel Auto Plus 2x20mm Cross Cut (2101998)

  • 500 sheet auto feeder
  • 6 sheets per pass via the standard entry throat
  • 2x20mm Cross Cut - Din 66399 Security Level P-4
  • Bin Capacity: 1000 sheets - 83 litres
  • Shreds Paper & Staples
RRP: 3,995.00
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Rexel Auto Plus

The Rexel Auto Plus (also known as the Auto + and Autoplus) is an innovative shredder from Rexel that uses Auto feed Technology to shred 500 sheets at a time. The Auto Plus will accept staples and paper clips and is designed for the most demanding of users who need to handle and shred very large volumes of paper with a minimum amount of effort. Simply place up to 500 A4 sheets in the large top compartment, close and lock the lid and the Auto Plus will automatically shred all of the paper entered.
Up to 6 sheets of paper can be shredded simply by offering them to the opening in the lid. A security password locks sensitive information in the Auto Plus whilst shredding is taking place. A back up key is provided in case you forget the password.
The Rexel Auto Plus also features an easy to use LCD Display that display the following information. Machine ready, door open, bin full, reverse, overheat, overload/jam, oil now. In the event of a jam when bulk shredding, the machine will auto reverse to clear the jam. If you just wish to shred individual pieces of paper, then you can do so using a separate entry throat on the top of the machine. It is fitted with casters for maximum mobility and is very quiet with a noise level less than 60dB.
If you shred 1 batch (500 sheets) then it takes 35 minutes and 30 seconds to complete. 20,281 sheets could be shredded in 24 hours (continuous operation) with no cool down required in between batches.

NB. Due to the unique auto feed technology, the Auto Plus only accepts standard copier paper (up to 80gsm). Any paper with a glossy finish or anything thicker such as folded paper or card should be shredded through the manual feed slot. Also note that A5 sheets are only accepted through the bypass slot and will not work in the Auto Feed system.
Warranties - Machine: 2 years, Cutters: 20 years (cutter warranties are for parts only and do not include labour)

Shredder Oil, Waste Sacks & Accessories for the Rexel Auto Plus

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Waste Sacks + Oil + Care Kit Bundle
Waste Sacks (S2) - Pack of 50 + Oil Sheets - Pack of 12 + Care Kit Bundle
51.44 + vat
PolyKing Waste Sacks (S2)
(All + vat)
17.95 (x1)
30.00 (x2)
72.50 (x5)
129.00 + vat
19.95 + vat
24.99 + vat

Rexel Auto Plus - Specifications

Manufacturer Code:
Shred Size (Paper):
Din 66399 Security Level:
Old Din 32757-1 Level:
Auto Feed Capacity:
Normal Throat Capacity:
Daily Capacity:
Throat Width:
Bin Capacity:
Extra Media Waste Bin:
Cutting Speed:
Continuous Run Time:
Motor Cool Down Time:
Voltage Cycle (v/Hz):
Dimensions (W*D*H):
Shreds Staples:
Shreds CDs/DVDs:
Shreds Credit Cards:
Shreds Cardboard:
Shreds Floppy Disks:
Waste Sack Type:
Auto Plus
2x20mm Cross Cut
Restricted (DIN P-4)
Confidential (DIN 3)
500 sheets
6 sheets per pass
2500 sheets
240mm (A4 only)
83 litres/1000 sheets
3.1 metres/min
300 watts
24 hours
** Specifications are subject to change - See Terms and Conditions for more information **