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Security level 4, 5 and 6 machines are usually only used by Companies or Government Departments with specific security requirements.

Optical Media Shredders

Optical Media Shredders over 2000 can now be leased, have a look at our leasing calculator here...
Please select one of the Optical Media Shredders from the list below. Specialist shredders are machines designed for the destruction of non-paper media including products that shred Multimedia like CDs/DVDs, Blu-Ray Disks, Floppy Disks, ZIP Discs and Hard Drives.
IDEAL 0101 HDP Shredder
Hard Drive Punch
Erases Hard Drives

1,650.00 + vat
IDEAL 0201 OMD Shredder
2.2x4mm Particles O-5/T-6
2500 CDs/DVDs per hour
100 litre bin capacity
CDs + Cards
2,495.00 + vat
HSM 411.2 OMDD Shredder
2.2x4mm O-5/T-6
1500 CDs/DVDs per hour
146 litre bin capacity
CDs + Cards
3,099.00 + vat
KOBRA 400 HS-OM Shredder
1.5x2.5mm Particles O-6/T-6
1500 CDs/DVDs per hour
80 litre bin capacity
CDs + Cards
3,889.00 + vat